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Gymnastics, Cheer, and Dance

Recreational Trampoline Academy


Your will be jumping for joy in one of Team OC’s Trampoline and Power Tumbling (T&T) classes! Our experienced staff provides endless fun and fitness to children ages 6 to 13 interested in learning and improving their sport-specific skills for gymnastics, cheerleading, diving and more. 

Team OC Trampoline and Power Tumbling (T&T) provides endless fun and fitness benefits to children of all ages and levels. Team OC provides a comprehensive T&T program with all children in mind! 

Experienced athletes as well as children who are reluctant to participate in physical activities have taken advantage of the numerous fitness and academic benefits that trampoline and tumbling offers. Such benefits include the development of bi-lateral motor skills, balance, coordination, as well as cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and agility. In addition, visual and body control, confidence and self-esteem necessary for success in the classroom improve. 

In addition to our T&T Academy, we have a highly successful competitive team whose former and current members hold state, regional, national and international championship titles.

Watch your child soar to new heights in our comfortable stadium seating viewing area. Free Wi-Fi and parking are also available. 

About Team OC

Team OC offers educational based instruction in a 45,000 square feet comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility. Our highly trained gymnastics, cheer, dance and trampoline staff are USA Gymnastics or USASF safety certified, first aid and CPR certified, and have gone through extensive background checks. We strive to promote self-esteem, confidence and love of physical activity, sports and performance. It is our mission to motivate youth with a spirit to succeed in life and sports.

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