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Gymnastics, Cheer, and Dance

Academy Gymnastics

Academy Gymnastics

Team OC’s Gymnastics Academy is designed for school age girls and boys. Instruction emphaises fundamental gymnastics skills and develaopmental skill based on USA Gymnastics curriculum.The mastery of basic skills leads to increased development and advancement through the levels of the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program.  Students are placed in appropriate age and skill readiness level classes. Our program is year-round with opportunities to continue advancing through participate in our summer camp programs. Consistent participation is recommended for the full benefits of the sport. 

Girls (Ages 6 and older)

Team OC Gymnastics Academy girls program 5+Classes meet once or twice a week, and range from 60 to 90 minutes depending on class level. 

We offer classes for the following levels:

  • Novice - Little or no previous gymnastics expereince
  • Beginner - Promotion from Novice level or evaluation required
  • Advanced Beginner - Promotion from Beginner level required
  • Intermediate - Promotion from Advanced Beginner required; 60 or 90 minute class
  • Advanced - Promotion from Intermediate level required; 90 minute class


About Team OC

Team OC offers educational based instruction in a 45,000 square feet comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility. Our highly trained gymnastics, cheer, dance and trampoline staff are USA Gymnastics or USASF safety certified, first aid and CPR certified, and have gone through extensive background checks. We strive to promote self-esteem, confidence and love of physical activity, sports and performance. It is our mission to motivate youth with a spirit to succeed in life and sports.

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