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Gymnastics, Cheer, and Dance

Dress Code

For safety purposes, proper attire is required during all gymnastics classes held at Team OC.

NO jewlery, jeans, dresses or other clothing with buttons, zippers, snaps or belt loops is allowed to be worn during class.

Female Students

Leotard (without skirts attached) and bike or cheer-type shorts. Hair must be secured away from face with elastic hair bands and flap hair clips if necessary.

Male Students

Stretchable athletic shorts (length above the knees) with an appropriate stretchable undergarment and T-shirt. Clean white socks are optional. 

To maintain modesty and avoid embarrassment, please assist your child with his/her choice of attire and undergarments prior to class participation. Team OC is a co-ed facility.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

About Team OC

Team OC offers educational based instruction in a 45,000 square feet comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility. Our highly trained gymnastics, cheer, dance and trampoline staff are USA Gymnastics or USASF safety certified, first aid and CPR certified, and have gone through extensive background checks. We strive to promote self-esteem, confidence and love of physical activity, sports and performance. It is our mission to motivate youth with a spirit to succeed in life and sports.

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